Autobuilder results for JCT-VC 3DExt

Most Recent:
Branch Status Commit Who Result
HTM-15.0 ok 7f81577 tech
ok Version including:
HTM-15.0-dev0 ok 0498f5a tech
ok Further fixes.
HTM-15.1 ok a6c1018 tech
ok Version including:
HTM-15.1-dev0 ok 492e5be tech
ok Removed file in wrong directory.
HTM-15.1-dev0-BBC ok a834bc7 tech
ok Fixes to - alphaChannelInfoSei.cfg - default presence.
HTM-15.1-dev0-Disney ok 067afa9 tech
ok Fixed linux compilation errors.
HTM-15.1-dev0-Ericsson ok 670040e ericsson
ok Integration of the 3D reference displays information SEI message.
HTM-15.1-dev0-NICT ok 588098f nict-htm
ok Lexical Fix ( ATM -> HTM )
HTM-15.1-dev0-Nokia FAIL 6d92523 chen
Warnings(2)/Errors(3) Update the configuration files for DepthRepresentationInfoSEI.
FAIL 99b9df9 chen
Warnings(2)/Errors(3) Commit the integration of 3D depth representation information SEI on behalf of Nokia.
ok 3b79c5e chen
ok For the integration of Depth representation information SEI.
HTM-15.1-dev0-Vidyo ok 5e0d178 tech
ok Fixes.
HTM-15.1-MV-draft-4 ok 331989e tech
ok Fixed HEVC_EXT setting.
HTM-15.2 ok 41e4f3d tech
ok Version including SEIs.
HTM-15.2-dev ok e167717 tech
ok Reset HEVC_EXT value.
HTM-15.2-dev1 ok 02317d2 tech
ok Remmoved 3D-HEVC.
HTM-16.0 ok 3154954 tech
ok Version including updates, cleanups, and bug fixes.
HTM-16.0-dev1 ok 226adfb tech
ok Fix for vertical MV restriction. #define FIX_VERT_MV_REST 1
HTM-16.0-MV-draft-5 ok 68e3750 tech
ok Removed 3D.
HTM-16.1 ok e543bd5 tech
ok Fix ticket 114 - Fix vertical motion vector restriction. - Clean- and speed-up VSO. - Fix VSO off.
HTM-16.1-dev ok 48f098b tech
ok Fixed cfg-files.
HTM-16.2 ok 125e12e tech
ok Update to HM-16.9.
HTM-16.2-dev ok df94fbe tech
ok Update HM-16.18 - Cleanups - Encoder Extension -- Representation formats -- Parameter set sharing -- GOP configuration
trunk ok 4737196 tech
ok Added coding results.
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